Chinese Company Geely Set To Launch An Electric Semi-Truck

Geely, an automotive giant in China, recently unveiled its plans to launch a fully electric semi-truck that they are calling the Homtruck. This move corresponds with a more widespread push from automakers to capitalize on improving electric vehicle technology and apply them in the market of commercial vehicles.

Geely has a specific commercial vehicles group called Farizon Auto, which has stated that the plan is to have these semis available by 2024. They fully intend to include international markets such as Europe, Korea, Japan, and North America in the rollout as well.

Believe it or not, Geely is not the only automaker who is dabbling in electric trucks. Warren Buffet’s BYD and Mercedes have announced their intentions to release an electric truck.

Tesla also announced that an electric truck called “the Semi” would be coming back in 2017, although the production of this vehicle seems to have been severely delayed. The Homtruck is expected to have the option for either methanol hybrid or pure electric, and that these power supplies will be able to be swapped out.

This could be beneficial in relieving the need to constantly charge the truck. The interior of the truck is expected to be highly impressive, as it will feature a shower, a toilet, a refrigerator, a kitchen, a washing machine, and a single bed.

Not only is the idea of an electric semi an innovative concept, but Geely also intends to take this a step further by the year 2030 by adding autonomous driving to the vehicle. This will take much more time to perfect, but the updates to usher in the ability for autonomous driving will reportedly begin shortly after the Homtruck is launched.