Five Pieces Of Tech To Help You Lose Weight

Whatever your fitness goal, technology can make it easier and help you achieve it faster. Here are five pieces of tech to help you lose weight by tracking and maintaining discipline.

Fitness Trackers

From fitness apps that count to Fitbit or Apple watches that offer much more, tracking your everyday physical activity is essential for weight loss. These trackers not only count your steps but also calculate the distance you traveled, your heart rate, play music for you, and monitor how close you are to hitting your daily goals.

Most fitness apps will also help you make an exercise plan with exercises targeted at the areas you want, such as core strength or arm workouts.

Macro Calculating Apps

Counting food macronutrients is essential when losing weight and working towards a particular weight loss goal that includes a specific diet. Calorie and macro tracking apps can help you calculate each meal’s macronutrients such as proteins, carbs, and fats.

These apps can help you with meal prep through recipes and make your customized meal plans. You set your daily calorie and macro goal and see how many calories you have consumed during the day. Scanning barcodes of products can help you add their macros efficiently. They are an excellent way for you to eat right and stay in shape.

Smart Weighing Scales

Whatever your weight goal, you would like to know how you are progressing. Buying a smart scale connected to your phone can help you track your weight and alert you when you’re closer to meeting your goal.

Some of these scales monitor your Body Mass Index (BMI) and muscle mass too. They’re giving you more than just a number, but also analysis and how you can improve. You can adjust your exercise and meal plans when you feel like you’ve reached a standstill.

Portion Control Scale

You may think this is as easy as one bowl of rice and a few veggies, but it’s not. When cooking for your meal prep, you need to watch how much oil or butter you put into your meals. You also need to make sure you don’t drink too many smoothies or shakes in the morning.

Buying a digital kitchen weighing scale and measuring the exact gram of what you’re eating will help you avoid overeating. You don’t have to guess how many grams of rice you cooked; weigh it and be more precise.

Smart Water Bottles

Drinking enough water every day is just as important as your meal prep because it helps control cravings. If you don’t want to feel dehydrated after exercising, getting a smart water bottle is a good idea. It reminds you to drink water by alerts or by lighting up. Through connected apps, it also measures how much water you’ve consumed throughout the day.

Make It a lifestyle

There are many more digital technologies that can help you reduce weight. However, to make it a lifestyle change and manage that weight, you need to flexibly integrate them into your life.