Helpful Shortcuts For Automating Tasks On Your Mac

If you work with a Mac, you might want to keep reading for some tips on automating tasks on your Mac for less stress while maintaining efficiency. These automated tasks for Mac should be more common but that’s what we’re here for to give you a guide on basic automated tasks for Mac laptops and computers.

You’ll be able to find a majority of the following automated tasks using the Shortcuts app that will run automation routines across multiple Apple devices that is also available on your Mac with macOS Monterey. This program is pre-loaded on Monterey so users don’t need to install it separately.

The Automator app allows users to run routines on Mac for years now, but the Shortcuts feature gives users the ability to sync your shortcuts across all devices and runs the most of Automator scripts. Another automated program utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) with a shortcut around the Live Text feature that might not be supported by Intel Mac.

The Live Text feature allows users to select and copy text from photos, but a shortcut can be used as a substitute. Users can try to download Live Text for Intel and if unable to download there is a simple shortcut.

Once a user runs a shortcut, there will be the screenshot selection tool on the screen that is identical to macOS’ Command+Shift+4 keyboard shortcut then click and drag a section over any area and the shortcut will copy all the text from the clipboard. Users will be able to paste the text wherever needed and fix the formatting if needed with this simple shortcut.

Another automated task can be done with Search List by Google shortcut that allows users to search for multiple terms in one search and opens all the results in different tabs on Safari. Once users run the shortcut, they can type each query in a new line of the shortcut’s pop-up window. This is a great shortcut for people often doing research for projects.

Shortcuts also have a feature for downloading online videos from platforms such as YouTube and Twitter with the YouTube Downloader feature. Some users are better off using a YouTube downloader app (many to choose from) as the install process takes a while and there are more to choose from that suits your needs.

A majority of computer or laptop users like to work with a split-screen that is yet another feature available on Shortcuts with the Split Screen 2 Apps feature, so users can work on two side-by-side apps that are perfectly split half of the screen. Another feature on Shortcuts is known as ‘Tile Last 4 Windows’ allowing users to look at the four apps opened most recently in separate tiles.

Another unique Shortcut feature is Convert Text to Spoken Audio where users can quickly convert text into spoken audio and can listen to it instead of reading it. One of the newest features of the macOS Monterey’s features is Low Power Mode that optimizes the battery life on your laptop if needed but will only work if the feature is supported by MacBook. There are multiple options for this feature on Shortcuts including LPM On, LPM Off, or Toggle LPM On/Off.