Pay Less For A New iPhone By Trading In Your Old Device

iPhones have been consistently upping the ante with each new launch. As a new model arrives on the markets every year, it makes sense that you’d want to upgrade as well. The only thing stopping you is the price tag on the latest model you like. Or even an older model that’d still be a step up from the current model that you are using. iPhone trade-in becomes your chance to earn good money. Here are three ways and a select few best places to sell your old iPhone and make some cash.

Sell It Yourself

This option is the best-suited strategy for people who know the worth of their device. Here are a few platforms you should explore if you can drive a good bargain with a stranger online.


If you are lucky, this is the simplest, hassle-free transaction. You can go online, list your product, and share its details. Be mindful that the price, condition, and wireless carrier are mentioned for potential buyers. You will get multiple offers, choose one, and set up the day of the transaction. Be vigilant, however, and pick a safe place for the transaction.


Making deals with strangers is less risky on eBay because of its purchase protection policy. However, the service costs you 10% of the selling price. You can list your product, ship it, and get paid. Buyers changing their minds is another downside apart from the service fee.

Facebook Marketplace

With no service fees involved and still more protection than Craiglist, this is possibly the best way to sell. You can post an ad, connect with buyers, and see their profiles. You can also control who views your phone listing.

Sell It to a Buy-Back Service

This option is easier than selling yourself. You just list your iPhone, get an offer, and get paid. Here are a few buy-back services that stand out. But before that, go to Flipsy or SellCell for a price comparison of your iPhone.


You input your iPhone model, carrier service, and condition and get an instant quote.


Another service that’s easy to use is BuybackBoss. Choose your model, provider, storage, and condition, and get a quote in less than 30 seconds.


This buy-back service provides the best quotes and the most money from the three listed.

Trade-In Old iPhone for the New One

This option is great if you already have money to buy that new iPhone and only require some amount to cover the difference.


Although quite competitive, Apple’s iPhone trade-in programs offer good prices. You earn Apple Store credit that can go into buying the new model.

Best Buy

Consider a trade-in there if you consider buying your new iPhone from Best Buy. Selling your iPhone earns you a Best Buy gift card.