Save Money On Your New Smartphone With Trade-In Options

For some customers, smartphones become obsolete in a matter of years. Nobody would fault you for wanting to get the latest top-of-the-line model. You may want to switch to get more features and a better camera. You may be a fan of technology and aspire to have the latest phone in the palm of your hand. Today, we will be looking at the best trade-in options for your smartphone to make the new purchase easy on your pocket. Our list is based on the merchant’s reputation in the market and your feasibility when selling online. While there are no guarantees on how much your phone will be worth, rest assured that you’d get the most profitable deal in these online stores.


The leading e-commerce marketplace offers trade-in pricing for smartphones amidst other similar gadgets like tablets. You can list your product on the Amazon marketplace and get a valid seven-day quote. After that, pack the device and paste the Amazon prepaid shipping label on top of it. Send it to Amazon, and you’d receive the price in 10 days. The only downside is that Amazon pays in Amazon Gift Cards instead of cash.


You can visit any Apple Store physically or do it digitally via their online partner Phobio. The trade-in is only for iPhones and iPads, and the payback is in Apple Gift Cards. While the walk-in transaction happens at the moment, the quote time validity for Phobio is 14 days.


This one is exclusively for selling iPhones, although you can contact them to see if they’ll be interested in Android phones. They have a two-day payment policy and will send you money via check, PayPal, or a printable e-check.


While primarily an online store for Apple devices, you can also trade in Android phones from Samsung and Google. They haven’t disclosed the period for which their offered quote is valid, but they will pay you within three days. To trade your iPhone, print out the prepaid shipping label sent by IGotOffer and pack your phone. Send it to them, and receive either a check, PayPal payment, or Amazon Gift card.


Another service primarily geared towards Apple product trade-in is It’sWorthMore. However, they also deal with Android devices and other gadgets. They have a 14-day offer quote validity and pay within three business days. They pay via check and PayPal but deduct an additional 3% if you opt for a PayPal payment.


The final trade-in place on our list is a merchant that takes in everything. You can sell your smartphone, eBooks, gaming consoles, laptops, and tablets in one go. You can estimate your product’s value and put it in one box. You get free insurance on the products you are shipping to them and get paid for the resale. Apart from these merchants, you can also look into retail stores in your neighborhood or marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay.