Amazon Unveils Alexa On Wheels With Astro Robot

AI and customer electronics will be a massive part of our homes in the upcoming years. Amazon’s home robot, Astro, is a step into the future. It is designed to assist individuals with most of their home tasks, monitor them, and keep the family in touch.

Astro mixes computer vision, voice and edge computing, artificial intelligence, and sensor technology innovations. It is a complete package devised to make all your home tasks easy and convenient. We review some of the feature of this new Amazon product.

At-Home Duty

There are many ways Astro can be of use around the house, leaving you less worried and less occupied in household chores.

A 24/7 Check

When you’re not at home, Astro keeps a check on everything at home, allowing you the peace of mind you deserve. It can send you alerts and detect if someone new is in the house. It can quickly move around the house, navigating through all areas and enabling you to see a live view of all the rooms through the Astro app. With the technology of the Alexa Guard, Astro can detect if someone has broken in and has a carbon monoxide and smoke alarm. It will inform you with a notice on your phone. So much so you can send Astro a list when you’re unsure of things such as ingredients, and it can let you know what’s missing.

Looks After Your Family

You don’t have to worry about your family while you’re out. Astro allows you to care for your family remotely. With the help of Astro, you can set daily reminders about essential medicines, meetings, checkups, etc., at all times. With the use of drop-in, you can stay connected with them remotely.

When paired with Alexa Together, family members can feel more at ease and live independently as it helps set up reminders, and caretakers can quickly receive alerts throughout the day. It links caretakers with a professional emergency helpline for worst-case scenarios.

Benefits Of Alexa At Home

Astro allows you to access all the benefits Alexa offers, including intelligent home control, entertainment, information, etc. The best thing about Astro is that it will follow you wherever you go, and you never have to miss out on your shows, movies, songs, podcasts, etc.

It informs you of any calls coming to your way, reminders, timers, and can even take pictures, all with the ability to entertain calls throughout. There are immense safety and privacy control features that allow customers to be in control of all their data.