‘Electrocycle’ Motorcycle Design Refined By Zaiser Motors Adding Second Model

The gradual evolution of motorcycles has introduced the marketplace to various electric motorcycle models. Zaiser promises to stand out with more affordable rates and has already introduced its second model. The Colorado-based startup’s crowd-funded venture is competing with big shots of the industry, such as Harley Davidson and Zero Motors, whose electric motorcycles have already hit the streets.

Where Did the Idea for an Electrocycle Emerge for Zaiser?

Zaiser’s CEO and co-founder, Anthony Cross, saw the need for the company when he failed to find an affordable electric motorcycle option in 2019. Other than affordability, he was also looking for high power and range.

Zaiser promises to provide increased mileage and power with its models, though it might be challenging currently for the company to follow through. Despite that, Cross looks hopeful for the future as the industry also becomes advanced in its product range.

Zaiser Electric Motorcycle Designs

Zaiser has introduced three design models to the masses, receiving feedback and improving it for future models. Mark I was the first-ever motorcycle with steampunk-ish looks and art-deco details around the design.

While the design was popular with inexperienced riders new to the game, experienced riders found Mark I flashy. A subtle option is more well-suited for this crowd.

Gathering all the feedback for Mark I, an initial prototype, Zaiser has come up with two new design models. The Silhouette has 300 miles range and costs over $25,000, whereas The Arrow has a 160-mile range and costs $8,500.

The Silhouette is, therefore, more well-suited for experienced riders with subtle designs. In contrast, The Arrow, resembling Mark I, is perfect for cafe racers.

Significant Challenges for Zaiser

There are numerous challenges that Zaiser Motors still has to conquer to become a renowned brand in the competitive marketplace. Here are some of the main challenges:

Weightage And Handling Issues Due To Two Motor Design

The two motor designs used in Zaiser are situated around the two wheels. However, the two motors still yield their power from a single battery.

The added weight on the wheels will affect the internal system and cause handling issues. The company’s primary solution for this issue is utilizing lightweight components to reduce the burden and make handling effortless.

Removable Battery Feature

Zaiser is looking for batteries with high-density, stable features. Therefore, the company’s hoping to find a partnership and work on the internal production of batteries. However, the most significant issue Zaiser must solve is following through on their words of providing “removable” batteries.

The feature will add longevity to the design as swapping would allow old batteries to be replaced easily. Even though battery swapping is a standard procedure for scooters, it’ll be much harder for Zaiser due to the battery’s weight required for their designs.

Zaiser is currently competing against the big names in the motorcycle industry. However, with time, the future looks more promising for the company and the electric motorcycle marketplace.