How Tech Plays a Role in the “Great Resignation”

The “Great Resignation” is the name of the mass exit of many workers from their companies, or just workers switching careers. The global pandemic was likely a catalyst in this phenomenon, as the time it allowed people either to work remotely or be away from work, in general, gave people time to reevaluate their careers.

In addition to this, there is also a tech push that has been encouraging the “Great Resignation” even further. One way tech has encouraged the reshuffling of so many employees is through advancements in networking sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

Virtual jobs on these platforms are now much easier to find, and the platforms themselves will even at times push users toward finding them. The way resumes and pages are set up on the site now allow for employers to make it easier than ever to contact people they may be interested in hiring.

Other apps such as Snagajob and Instawork give this an interesting twist as well, as it allows people to connect to gig jobs instantly. This is crucial for larger career changes as it gives people the option to quit their current job and still make an income while searching for something longer-term.

In the past, one of the biggest factors in hesitation to quit a job is the risk that can be associated with a transitional period. Communication between employees of varying companies has also improved due to advancements in technology.

Apps like Fishbowl, Slack, and Blind make it easier than ever before for workers to share their experiences of working for certain companies. This gives a sense of transparency to the job search that certainly can have an impact on how people looking for jobs perceive each company.